Hard Time Getting Used To Your New Mattress? Try These Tips

Hard Time Getting Used To Your New Mattress Try These Tips

Humans are extremely habitual creatures. The smallest changes can really throw a wrench in our days. If that change is the mattress you sleep on, that isn’t small, and it can seriously affect your nights. Even if this new mattress is better for you, it can take some getting used to. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, this may be highlighting other problems in your sleeping habits. Try the following if your sweet dreams have turned sour.


If you’re all wound-up, it can be difficult to sleep. Getting ready to sleep needs to involve more than brushing your teeth and jumping under the covers. In order to fall asleep relatively quickly, you want to begin relaxing about an hour before bedtime. Clear your schedule of activities that are intense and require an intense focus. Instead try something relaxing like art or reading. Once you get in bed, try using relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing and body awareness to help your body calm down. If you have trouble doing this on your own, there are a lot of apps out there that provide guided relaxation services.

Sleep Aids

If you still have trouble sleeping after relaxing, you may wish to try using sleep aids. There are lots of different medications out there that can help with sleep. Many of these are clinically proven to help with sleep but come with side effects. If you don’t want to try these, go for a natural supplement like CBD. CBD has been noted as having many benefits, with sleep aid being one of them. Most notably, CBD helps reduce the anxiety that prevents many individuals from getting adequate sleep.


How you are choosing to relax before bedtime may be seriously affecting your ability to sleep. Many people like to relax by watching movies or playing on their phones. If that’s you, you’re probably suffering from the effects of blue light. The screens on your electronics emit a blue light that can play tricks on your mind. Heavy doses of blue light before bed can cause your brain to think that it isn’t time to sleep yet. Your body and mind will still get tired but will have a difficult time shutting down. If you usually feel groggy in the morning, then this may be the reason. For best results, avoid screens two hours before bedtime.

Getting good sleep is no joke, it’s a very important part of your health. Without good sleep, every area of your life is negatively affected. Don’t just shrug your shoulders and push on. Take the time to investigate the reasons you aren’t sleeping and solve this problem.

For a better night’s sleep, it’s important that you have a good mattress. Take a look at what we have to offer!

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