How to Improve Your Experience with a New Mattress

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You spend a good portion of your life asleep in bed, so you deserve a mattress that helps you to sleep great and feel wonderful each morning. A new mattress can be a weird transition, so it is important to do what you can to make the experience as comfortable and fun as you possibly can. Here are a few important steps that can help you to have a better experience with a new mattress so you can get back to enjoying every aspect of your life to the fullest. 

Pick the Right Mattress for You 

There are so many different kinds of mattresses available, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you do your research. If you choose the right mattress in the first place it will make the whole process a lot simpler. Some people prefer a softer mattress while others prefer something a little firmer. There are also options available for mattresses that can stay cool or adjust position if that is something you need. Take time to research your options so you can make the best choice for your sleep. 

Test it Out 

If you have the chance to test out your mattress before purchasing, that can be the best thing you can do for your future with that mattress. Visit a few different mattress stores and make sure that you can test out as many mattresses as possible so you can be sure you are choosing something that you love. As you try different mattresses keep track of the things you like and things you aren’t as fond of. Then you can take all that information and use it to help you choose your mattress, whether you buy in a store or online. 

Break It In 

Sometimes mattresses take a little bit of work to get them broken in. Over time they will become more comfortable, especially if you put in the effort to break them in right. Depending on the kind of mattress you choose, the break in process can vary pretty greatly. It’s also important to make sure that you don’t jump into bed the second your new mattress arrives. Generally, you need to give it a day or two to breathe before using it for optimal comfort. Even controlling the temperature in your room can help with the process. 

Put on a Mattress Cover 

Having a mattress cover can immediately help to make your mattress more comfortable. And, it can also make it easier to keep your mattress clean and free of allergens. This is especially important if you have a dog that sleeps with you at night. There are many breeds of dogs with different allergen levels. If you have a dog, it is important to make sure that you keep your mattress clean with a topper so that you can be more comfortable and less likely to be impacted by their allergens. You can choose from a variety of toppers that can add structure to your mattress or even make it a little bit softer. 

Have a Solid Base 

Your mattress can only help you as much as the base below it allows, which means that you need to make sure that you have a solid foundation to keep your mattress on. By investing in a box spring or a platform for your mattress you can drastically increase the comfort and support it provides. Different kinds of bases provide different things, so it is worth looking at your options and testing them out if you can. You can always adjust later if you find that it isn’t quite the right fit for your sleeping needs. 

Choose the Right Bedding 

The bedding you choose for your mattress can actually have an impact on how comfortable your mattress feels. Choosing great bedding can help your mattress to feel more comfortable and maintain a better temperature. Make sure that you choose bedding that actually fits your bed as well. If you choose something too large it will make for a more wrinkly and less appealing presentation. The bedding you choose should help you create a beautiful look and a comfortable feel for your bed so you can enjoy your mattress even more than you thought you could. 

Give it Time 

Not every mattress will be comfortable the second you try it out, so it is okay to give yourself a month or so to get used to a new mattress. In most cases it can take from one to three months for a mattress to reach its full potential. So it is important to pay attention to how you are feeling in your bed and give it time to get more comfortable. If your bed is initially uncomfortable it can be tempting to sleep somewhere else, but that won’t help you in the long run. Make sure to sleep in your bed every night for as long as the company recommends before giving up on it all together. 

Try Something New 

If you have been trying out your new mattress for a couple of months and it still isn’t comfortable, even with these additions, it might not be the right choice for you. Many mattresses come with a guarantee, so make sure you make the decision to replace it in time. If you know that your mattress isn’t working for you, it is the perfect time to make a change and find a way to make bedtime more comfortable with a new mattress. Think about what made your old mattress uncomfortable and make sure that you use that information to make a better choice as you choose a new option. 

Your mattress is an important part of your life and your health. So, you need to make sure that your mattress is giving you the support you need to sleep well and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. With these tips you should be well on your way to the best sleep of your life.

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