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Air Mattress Waterloo

Why an Air Mattress May Be Good for the Health

A person’s mattress does a lot to dictate their overall health. Thankfully, a high-quality air mattress in Waterloo, Iowa can help many people out. We at Factory Direct Mattress believe that many people will experience high-quality health benefits if they choose to pick this sleep option. Please note: you should talk to your doctor before investing in any bed.

Offers Relief From Bedsores and Other Pain

When people who suffer from pressure bruises – or bedsores – need to relieve the stress on their body, an air mattress is often the right choice. That’s because they allow a person to shift the pressure on their body more efficiently and to avoid the kind of soreness that causes bed sores. However, even those who do not get bed sores may want to consider this option for their home.

That’s because the ability to shift pressure points often makes these mattresses among the most comfortable for many people. And since many can be adjusted for firmness – by increasing the air pressure or decreasing it – it is also possible to achieve the necessary strength that a person needs to keep their body from getting too worried or stressed while they sleep.

Now, the type of mattress discussed here is not the simple kind that many people use for when guests come over. Instead, these are specifically designed to be used for standard and regular sleeping experiences. For example, a person may want to use this type of mattress instead of a proper type as a way of saving themselves money while also preventing physical pain and body stress.

Improves the Blood Circulation in the Body

Mattresses should provide a high-quality place to sleep that helps to give a person many health benefits. For example, an air mattress can improve a person’s blood circulation in many ways. Remember: when you lie down on any surface, your circulation may slow because of the pressure of the mattress or other elements and may make you feel colder when trying to sleep at night.

Sadly, some types of mattresses may even cause pain by putting stress on specific pressure points of the body. This problem can then slow down a person’s circulation even further. Note: this problem is individual to each person, as some may experience pressure-point issues on some mattresses while others do not. Whatever the case, these types of mattresses may provide some relief.

The lower level of pressure that an air bed puts on a person’s body helps to enhance their blood circulation and relieve pain on specific pressure points. As mentioned in the previous section, the bed owner can shift their weight more quickly and take the pressure off certain areas more directly with an air bed. Remember, though, that those who need a very firm mattress may not respond well to this option.

Cooler and More Comfortable Rest

Many people who suffer from pain at night wish that they could sleep on the air – in this way, they wouldn’t experience any pressure on the body. Thankfully, many types of air mattresses utilize what is known as low-air loss technology. This mattress type is filled with hundreds of tiny air holes that allow a certain amount to flow over the body while they sleep at night.

As this air flows across their body, most people feel like they are “sleeping on air” in a way that other mattresses cannot emulate. And though this does mean that the mattress does lose a little air at night, the flow is very low and can be balanced in a way that ensures the bed doesn’t end up on the floor at night. The adjustment is something that should be considered before trying out this type of bed.

And while these beds won’t let a person float on air, they can create the sensation of floating. Just as importantly, this flow of air across the body also triggers a cooling effect that may be critical for many people who sleep on these mattresses. That cooler feeling is often a benefit for those who struggle to avoid feeling too hot during the night and who cannot sleep as a result.

Simple Hygienic Protection

Lastly, a good air mattress is often more hygienic than other types of beds. That’s because they usually have a less absorbent surface that doesn’t soak up as much sweat or other body debris. Therefore, they are generally much easier to clean because problematic items do not absorb into the surface but lie there, making them simpler to remove.

For example, it is effortless to clean the surface of this type of mattress when compared to other types on the market. All you need to do is wipe down the surface with a wet rag after using a duster to get rid of a large amount of dirt. Once you clean the surface, you may want to wipe it with vinegar to break up any stains or mold that may exist. Doing so also disinfects it as well.

And if you want to make sure that the bottom is clean as well, you need to deflate the mattress and flip it over. Thankfully, you should be able to clean it using the same steps mentioned above. Some people even use vacuums on their mattress surface. Try to use a low level of power if you do use a mattress because they can often be too strong if used at their highest capacity.

Finding the Best Mattress for Your Needs

As you can see, a high-quality air mattress in Waterloo, Iowa can help you out in many ways. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Factory Direct Mattress to learn more about these beneficial sleep tools. By working with us, you give yourself more convenient access to the kind of high-quality bed that you need to enhance your sleep and rest well every night.

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