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Copper Bed Cedar Rapids

The Health Benefits of a Copper Bed

People who are buying a bed may not understand the many different mattress options that are available on the market today. For example, a copper mattress can provide many benefits that you may not expect. Now, when we mention a copper bed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa we aren’t talking about the frame. Instead, we are discussing the mattress itself, an option that we can provide here at Factory Direct Mattress with little difficulty. So read on to learn more about the benefits of these high-quality mattresses for your home and your overall health.

Antibacterial Benefits

In the past, ancient societies and civilizations believed that copper could do just about anything. For example, they thought that it could stop joint damage, improve circulation, detoxify the body, and even help increase a person’s stamina. The science beyond these claims is quite dubious, though that doesn’t stop modern copper dealers from trying to claim that they are right.

That said, scientific evidence has examined copper bed products and other items to see how well they prevent bacteria growth. And the benefits are confirmed by just about every study. That’s because bacteria will automatically cause copper to release a series of ions when they contact it. These ions will focus on cell respiration and halt it, causing the bacteria to die and disappear quite quickly.

Even better, this action will help to stop the development of antibiotic-resistant genes. That’s because they impact the cells differently than these treatments and provide a cleaner surface that is often quite hard to top. Many hospitals across the nation are now investing in copper surfaces for this very purpose because they know how well it can stop the spread of diseases throughout the medical field.

And bacteria isn’t the only item that copper can destroy. A growing field of medical science has also found that copper has antimicrobial properties as well. As a result, you can sleep on your bed and know that you won’t suffer from bacteria or microbe invasion. For those who often struggle to keep their bed as clean as possible, this benefit is very significant and more than worth the cost of the bed.

Cooler Surface Temperatures

A copper bed is one that is designed to be as cool as possible while you sleep at night. Just think of the last time that you touched a copper metal surface. Did it feel very cool and comfortable to the touch? That’s because copper is a very conductive metal when it comes to temperature. This fact means that copper doesn’t hold as much heat as other types of mattresses and remains more relaxed throughout the night.

Therefore, instead of having a hot bed on which to sleep at night, the mattress will absorb and carry the heat away from your body and distribute it more evenly throughout your body. And this transfer of energy means that the surface of your bed won’t have the kind of high-temperature feel that you often get after lying in a regular bed for most of the night or even for, in some cases, a few minutes.

This lower temperature has many benefits that make it a beneficial option for your needs. First of all, you won’t experience the kind of high temperatures at night that may make you wake up out of nowhere. As a result, you can curl up in your favorite blanket and feel comfortable. Just as importantly, your bed will be able to handle the high-body heat of a dog or another person sleeping with you.

As a result, couples that sleep with a dog or who love to cuddle at night together may want to consider a copper bed for their home’s needs. These high-quality beds are often hard to top when it comes to comfort and most other benefits. Thankfully, their price is usually quite reasonable, and they shouldn’t cost that much more than other beds. That makes them an excellent investment for anybody who has a high aversion to heat while they sleep at night.

Cleaner and More Supportive

Lastly, a copper bed is also one of the easiest types of mattresses on the market to clean. That’s because they are naturally hypoallergenic – which goes with the antibacterial elements – and capable of fighting off mold, fungus, and any other item that may want to grow on or through your mattress. These benefits help to not only fight away allergies but prevent asthma attacks as well.

Even those who don’t have these problems will love a copper mattress because of how easy it is to clean. All you typically have to do is clean the surface to ensure that you get good results. That’s because these beds do not absorb a lot of sweat or other types of materials because they are naturally quite strong and resist various types of damage much easier than other mattress options.

This benefit also goes with the fact that copper helps to support your body better than other types of mattress options. That’s because the metal is designed to be quite strong but adaptable to your body shape. Though perhaps not quite as adaptable as memory foam, a copper mattress isn’t too far off from this design. As a result, they are a great choice for those who want to keep their bodies clean and as strong as possible while trying to sleep at night.

Protect Your Health Today

As you can see, the best copper bed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can give you the help that you need to stay healthy and active for years to come. Please remember that these types of beds are available from a variety of different sources and provide the kind of protection that you need to stay strong and healthy. Thankfully, we have many options from which you can choose at Factory Direct Mattress. So don’t hesitate to swing on down or check out our online shop to learn more about our offerings.

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