Do I need Sales Experience?

No, we will train you. With over 60 years of Mattress industry experience, we know how to be successful. However, you need to provide the passion, the effort, and the desire to run a successful business. You will be offering the most compelling value in your market, so the value often sells itself.

Do you provide new store financing?

We do not, we do accept credit cards or ACH direct withdrawal for orders. Many credit cards have offers of low or zero interest introductory rates and very high points accrual. For existing businesses, we also offer terms of 30 days through our Factoring Company with approved credit.

How much will I make per sale?

Most mattresses will make a 45% to 55% markup. If you sell a $1000 mattress set you will make about $500. If you sell a $600 mattress you will make about $300. You will also have the most competitive pricing and the best quality products.

Are there sign up fees, royalties, or any other ongoing fees?

No startup fee, No Royalties, and no other ongoing fees. Your investment goes to Your Product for sale. Your investment, Your profit!

How much does it cost to get started?

We have had Dealers start for as little as $5000. Much depends on the size of your location and if you want to be By Appointment, Part Time or Full Time. Most startups invest in the $20,000 range. In all cases, 100% of your investment goes into the establishment of your store and opening inventory. We also offer, unlike our competitors, a half price floor sample discount with most Manufacturers.

Once I am open, will I still receive support?

Yes, you will receive ongoing support for the life of your business. We have many years of successful experience and can help with any situation you may encounter.

How much will I make?

The mattress business can be an extremely lucrative business. We have had stores that have made more than $200,000 annual profit. Your Revenue and profit will be dependent on the type of store you choose and your personal drive and commitment. You will have the opportunity to make a very nice living. We can provide the tools. You have to provide the rest.

Do you just supply mattresses?

No, we will supply pillows, sheets, frames, adjustable beds, mattress protectors, bedroom furniture, and more.

What other Services are available to your Dealers?

We can help with your website, credit card processing, POS system, Insurance, Customer financing, and Secondary Financing.

Can I add this to my existing business?

You bet. We are very flexible. Add to any existing business. This can make a powerful addition to your profitability.

Will I have my own Territory?

Yes, you will have an exclusive territory that will remain yours as long as you remain a Factory Direct Mattress. You can also sell the territory along with your business when you decide to sell your business or retire.

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