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Finding a Great Deal in Mattress Stores

Trying to find a mattress that meets your needs can be challenging if you loved your old one and are having a hard time finding mattress stores in Waterloo, Iowa that meet your needs. Thankfully, there are ways that you can streamline this search and make it more useful. The following tips are things that we at Factory Direct Mattress always suggest that our customers try to ensure that they are happy.

Take Your Old Bed Into Mind When Shopping

Your old mattress is one that you’ve worn into over the years – a place of comfort that feels right for you and your body. That’s because you’ve worn a groove into its surface that fits your body. As a result, switching to a new mattress can be tough. You’re going to want that old feel of your bed but aren’t sure if mattress stores of any kind can provide them for you or not.

As a result, you need to spend time seeking out one that feels as much like your old mattress as possible. No, you’re not going to find one with a “you-sized” groove on the surface. Though that would be nice – and interesting – it’s also quite strange and hard to imagine. Instead, you’re going to have to buy a mattress that feels right for you and wait for your body to form the groove as you sleep on it.
That sensation you want from your mattress has a lot to do with its firmness. Some people love soft beds because they sink into them and create a groove very quickly. Others prefer harder mattresses because they support their body more fully. Whatever the case for you, it is essential to pay attention to what you’ve had in the past to make it easier for your body to transition.

Don’t Pick the First Mattress You Find

When you visit mattress stores, you’re likely going to experience the same sensation many people feel – shock and awe. It is hard to believe that these stores could have so many different options. And yet there they are for you to examine. Many people may be compelled to pick a mattress quickly, rather than shop around. However, that is a mistake that you shouldn’t make for your body.

Instead, walk around the store and check out the different layouts they offer. For example, you’re likely to find a section for adjustable beds that change the tension on the mattress. You may also find very soft ones and those that are very firm. A little investigation here goes a long way, mainly if you are patient and take the time necessary to explore all of your potential options in this situation.

Here’s an interesting fact that might make you prone to try this approach: about 77 percent of people who took 15 minutes or more to find a mattress were satisfied with it. A similar amount were dissatisfied with their mattress if they spent little time investigating them. Do what anybody would do in this situation – lie down on the bed and see how it feels. Most stores expect and encourage it.

See If You Can’t Get the Price Lowered

When you’re shopping for beds in Waterloo mattress stores, you may find that the prices are higher than anticipated. However, there are ways that you can save yourself good money – we’re sharing them with you because we know that other shops use methods to cost you cash. We avoid such techniques but remember that the tricks of the trade are widespread in this profession.

For example, you can go right for the jugular and ask for a price that is 50 percent off the list price. The salesperson is likely to know that their mattress is worth around that much money – or slightly more – and is expected to decline. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still get some cost cut from the bed. Remember – the dealer wants to make a sale and will work with you within reason.

If they are not willing to go for that deal, ask for free delivery. Then, ask them how much the mattress sold for at the lowest and if there is a price guarantee. These deals pay you the money back if the bed goes on sale within a specified period. Also, ask about cash-payment discounts – many shops will cut a significant portion of the top to make sure that they get the deal from you.

Ask About Trial Purchases

Lastly, it would help if you talked to your mattress dealer about the possibility of a trial purchase for your bed. This idea might seem crazy, but it isn’t that unusual for many dealers. The idea behind it is to find you a deal that works for your needs. If a mattress just doesn’t cut it for you at any time during the trial, you can take it back and get a different one that is suited to your needs – at an equal or lesser value.

For example, you may ask about a trial period and get your mattress for at least three weeks on a trial run. This period should give you a good idea if your bed is right for your needs and make it easier to choose one that suits your needs. However, some mattress stores in Waterloo have trial periods as long as three months, so you may want to shop around to make sure that you get a place with the best time limit.

And when trying out mattresses in this way, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, your sleep conditions should be the same every night to ensure that you get the best experience. If you keep changing when you go to bed, and what pillows you use, you aren’t going to get an accurate understanding of the quality of your mattress versus others like it on the market.

Ensuring You Get a Great Deal

As you can see, high-quality mattress stores in Waterloo, Iowa provide you with a high-quality bed that you need to sleep comfortably at night. Don’t forget, though, that you need to make sure that you work with these professionals to ensure that you get the best possible deal for your money. So don’t hesitate to contact us at Factory Direct Mattress right away to learn more about this process.

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