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Twin Mattress Cedar Rapids

Fun Ways to Use an Old Twin Mattress

Your mattress has run its course and is ready to be retired, but you don’t want to throw it away. Thankfully, the best twin mattress in Cedar Rapids, Iowa doesn’t have to go to the dump when you’re done with it. We at Factory Direct Mattress have seen many people reuse their mattresses in the ways listed below.

Store it For Guests

When you have an old twin mattress that you’re ready to stop using but which probably has some life left in it, you should store it someplace warm and dry and use it for when guests visit. For example, you can place it in a spare closet in an extra bedroom or somewhere in a finished basement. You’ll want to perform this simple step for a few reasons, each of which is beneficial for your home.

First of all, an extra mattress will make it easier for you to have people over when you want them to stay. For example, you can put down the extra mattress next to the bed in your spare bedroom to make it easier for multiple people to stay. This option is often a good one for visiting families with a young child who may be afraid of the dark or who struggles to sleep alone.

Likewise, you can use the extra mattress for your children when they have visitors. As your kid’s age, they’re likely to have friends stay over during the weekend. By placing your extra mattress in their bedroom, their friend can have a comfortable place to sleep instead of having to bunk on the floor. Make sure to change the sheets after each guest and wash them at least once every few months.

Create Great Art

People who have excellent artistic skills may look at a twin mattress and see a potential canvas for a new project. For example, you could be quite literal with the term “canvas” and paint the bed with various types of colors. You could create an interesting texture for a landscape painting or go more abstract. The surface of the bed will absorb the paint and create intriguing styles.

You may also want to take the mattress apart, such as tearing out the springs and using them for different more mechanical-based artwork. Or you could take off the cover and use it creatively. The possibilities are limitless if you are creative and take the time to plan out what you want to do with your mattress. You can even apply for a grant if you’re smart enough.

These grants can provide a variety of funds that make it easier for you to focus on crafting detailed artwork in a way that feels significant to you. Don’t hesitate to try out different elements for your design, such as adding other decorative items to the mattress, using old wood as a frame, and any additional steps that help it to feel more like a piece of art instead of an old discarded bed.

Reuse the Old Parts

We already mentioned that you could take apart an old twin mattress and reuse the parts artistically. However, you don’t have to use them in this way. Instead, you can take apart the components, gather them together, and use them in more practical and beneficial ways for your home.

For example, you could take the wood from the frame and use it to create shelves or other items throughout the house. You could also use the buttons from the surface of the mattress for sewing projects or to replace a missing button on a pair of pants or a shirt.

The old springs can be reused in several ways, such as using them in delicate mechanical items. Some may even want to craft wine openers using them by attaching them to a sturdy handle. Make sure that you use the proper tools when cutting springs, like durable gloves, to stay safe.

Convert Into a Pet Bed

Lastly, you may want to convert your twin mattress into a high-quality pet bed that your put or cat will love. Start by deciding if it is in rough enough shape for your bed. This step doesn’t mean that the mattress needs to be worn down for your pet to use. Instead, it should be one that is stained enough that you couldn’t use it for other purposes. If so, you can try to turn it into a pet bed.

Before you do, you’ll need to choose a room where you want to place it. If you have a spare room in your bedroom, line the mattress against one part of the wall. Place some sheets on it and your dog’s favorite blanket to let them know it is theirs. You can also place their toys here to give them the hint. Most dogs are quite smart and will understand very quickly what you’re trying to do.

This step is smart because it gives your pup a specific place where they are supposed to hang out and keeps them off your couches and chairs. Dogs often love having unique spots that they can call their own and may hang out here even when they don’t have to go to bed. Pampering your pet in this way is particularly lovely if you have a giant dog who takes up a lot of room.

Do You Need Mattress Help?

As you can see, you can turn your twin mattress in Cedar Rapids, Iowa into a wide variety of items. Doing so can help to protect the environment while also ensuring that you don’t run into any problems with your home’s bed. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Factory Mattress Direct today to learn more.

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